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Afilliate Program

Project owners have the option to enable the public affiliate program and partner affiliate program before creating the presale pool. However, it's important to note that once the affiliate program is enabled, it cannot be disabled. Additionally, only the project owner has the ability to set rewards for the affiliate program, with <5% for the public affiliate program and <20% for the partner affiliate program.
Users who participate in the affiliate program can claim their rewards after the presale is finalized. The amount of rewards a user receives is calculated based on their contribution to the presale pool, with the formula being:
Affiliate Reward = Total Referer Contributed * % Referral
Let's say the affiliate pool for a presale is set at 5%, and the total amount raised during the presale is 1000 $CORE.
This means the Affiliate Reward Pool would be calculated as 1000 $CORE x 5% = 50 $CORE.
Now, let's say there are three users participating in the affiliate program, and they refer other users to buy in the presale.
  • User A refers someone who buys 100 $CORE
  • User B refers someone who buys 60 $CORE
  • and User C refers someone who buys 40 $CORE.
Combined, the three users referred a total of 200 $CORE to the presale pool.
Based on the referral percentages:
  • User A will receive 50% of the Affiliate Reward Pool, which equals 25 $CORE
  • User B will receive 30% of the Affiliate Reward Pool, which equals 15 $CORE
  • Finally, User C will receive 20% of the Affiliate Reward Pool, which equals 10 $CORE

How to Activate the Affiliate Program?

Activation of the affiliate program can be done during the creation of the presale pool.
To obtain your affiliate link, you need to visit the affiliate program section of the presale pool. It will be displayed after you log in to your MetaMask wallet.

How to Claim Your Affiliate Rewards?

You will receive the affiliate reward after the presale ends.
To claim your affiliate reward, go to the affiliate section of the presale pool and select "Claim Reward".